I really, really need to talk about Love is Blind

I know, I know. Everyone on the internet is already talking about Love is Blind. They’re talking about the giving wine to a dog, and the getting engaged to someone you’ve never seen, and the love triangles and weird fights and general ridiculousness of it all. Of course they are. It’s the kind of enjoyably … More I really, really need to talk about Love is Blind

Billy’s Trust Tour – Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle is a tricksy little place. It’s over in Kent, land of some of the greatest castles, so you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s some kind of majestic crenellated beast. But, as any true castle aficionado knows, things aren’t always straightforward when it comes to the Trust and castles.  With a few noticeable exceptions … More Billy’s Trust Tour – Scotney Castle

Billy’s Trust Tour – Berrington Hall

Not to be confused with the similarly-named but entirely different Barrington Court, Berrington Hall is a favourite of the Badger family. It’s in rural Herefordshire, and while it’s not quite got the grandeur of Dyrham Park, it’s still a pretty decent place to indulge Jane Austen fantasies (yes, I’m still on that Austen kick. I … More Billy’s Trust Tour – Berrington Hall