About me

DSCN4150I’m Jacki.

I’ve got a background in corporate communications, a degree in English from the University of Birmingham, and an MA in American Literature from the University of Sussex (even though I’ve never read To Kill A Mockingbird – don’t tell them.) You can find out more about my work history on my LinkedIn page.

I’m evangelical about Jane Austen and am constantly at war with my husband about how bookshelves are for books, not for his Lego collection.

I’ve been working on a novel for a couple of years now, and am currently trying to finish it on my phone in coffee shops while my son naps. It’s quite the challenge.

When I’m not writing, my son and I can often be found wandering around Bristol on our way to a baby group, the aquarium, the zoo, or just in search of a really good chocolate brownie. God I love a chocolate brownie. I also do a hell of a lot of knitting, and if you fancy it you can buy some from my Easy shop – The Woolly Badger.

I live in Bristol with my husband, son, and our two rescue cats, Sophie and Matilda.